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Welcome to face-match.net! A new way to erotic.

All you do is about Body Language. Our body speaks up more than you think and you do not even realize (unless you are a politician of course).

I found in a several books about body language that mention that women self-mimic their facial lips to their outer genital lips. I read somewhere in a social network that if a female labia was not designed to be kissed it would not have had lips... huh? Not a lot has been said about this topic but you'll find some places where they talk about it without any support. I wanted to bring this up. This is the real reason for face-match.net.

face-match.net is a research made a game.

Like any other research we have proposed a hypothesis:

Q: Do facial lips self-mimic outer genital lips?

  • How many images have you seen of female models and their sensual lips? Not many people know how to relate facial lips and labia lips. Are women labia in proportion to the thickness of their facial lips? The similarities between both mean a strong sexual invitation.
  • When a women is aroused, lips, labia, and breasts enlarge becoming redder and appetizing. The use of lipstick, gloss or by just licking them with their tongue resembles to labia lubrication, another strong sexual invitation.
  • ”Modern research shows that when men look at photographs of women wearing different lipstick colors, they are consistently drawn to the bright reds which they describe as the most attractive and sensual”.

This game leads to other ramifications like the public wall, the hot blog, the who's who section, the galleries, picture of the day, month, year, donate pictures to the wall or game. All related to the same topic, lips vs. labia.

The inherent topic makes face-match.net an adult-oriented website. Why? We will show explicit nudity. NO hardcore and NO male anatomy at this phase.

Contrary to what people are used to with pornographic or “erotic” sites, face-match.net DOES NOT contain annoying pop-ups, cookies, connections to social media or pornographic sites, and the most important, we DO NOT have memberships. You are free to use face-match.net.

This Website has been designed to let people participate in different ways:

  • Public Wall: this is an image board. Publish any image you want.
  • Hot Blog: comment anything on our posts.
  • Who's Who: guess who has what labia.
  • Galleries: we will be publishing images submitted to this Website. Once we create original content, it will be published here.
  • Picture of the Day/Month/Year: vote for a picture of the day/month/year.
  • Submit any picture: we will consider these pictures for the game, who's who or picture of the day.

Having said all this, people will wonder about penises. Does the size of a penis is related to any part of the body? We will be talking about this in a future upgrade to the site as there are tons of common sayings. Actually there is a serious research done by a known university! The findings here are pretty interesting. But will focus on females for now.

Please read our FAQ's to learn about the specifics of each section of face-match.net.

Enjoy face-match.net!

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