Given the nature of, privacy is very important to us. Here we describe what we do, what will do and will not with the information stored by using this site through a mobile device or by the desktop version.

  1. What do we do that leads to collect information?
    At you are able to play, donate images, post anything on the public wall as well as to comment to the public wall and hot blog previously posted, vote for a picture of the day, picture of the month, and picture of the year, vote at who's who, register to the site, and purchase rupees for real money. Reference our FAQ's section to understand more about this.

  2. What kind of information do we collect?
    We keep to minimum the amount of information provided by a user.
    • When you register you provide:
      • A nickname.
      • A valid email address.
      • Gender.
      • Password.
      • Date of Birth.
    • When you post on the public wall or comment into the public wall or body language blog:
      • This might be done on an anonymous way.
      • If not anonymous, we just store the user publishing a post.
    • When voting for pictures of the day, month, year, and who's who:
      • This might be done on an anonymous way.
      • If not anonymous, we just store the user voting.
    • When you play:
      • This might be done on an anonymous way.
      • If not anonymous, we just store the user playing in order to save rupees earned.
    • When you buy rupees for real money:
      • Payments are made through Paypal* so we do not store your personal nor credit card information.

  3. Do you collect technical and usage information?
    Yes, for statistical purposes. We collect certain non-personally identifiable information when using the Website or a mobile device. This information could be, but not limited to, type of browser, operating system, domain name of your ISP, IP address, mobile device IP address, mobile's operating system, mobile carrier, mobile browser, and geographic location.

  4. Who sees this information?
    • We WILL disclose some information in response to a legal process, including court orders or a law enforcement agency.
    • We WILL disclose information in the event of selling this website, merger, or bankruptcy.
    • We WILL disclose some information in the event of getting a service provider who helps run the website.
    • We WILL NOT disclose information to business affiliates like marketers, magazines, retailers, nonprofit organizations.
    • We WILL NOT disclose information to linked websites or sponsors.
    • We WILL NOT disclose information to advertisers on this website.

  5. What do we do with the information we collect?
    We will use this information 1) to fulfill requests from our audience, 2) to respond to inquiries from our audience, 3) to improve our offerings within the website, 4) to analyze the usage patterns, and 5) to anything we can do to improve your overall experience by using this website.

  6. How do we communicate with our audience?
    There are two ways:
    1. By publishing news in our News sections about general topics, OR
    2. By publishing customized messages in the user board once you log in about confirmation of purchase, your account, etc.

  7. Are you using cookies?
    Yes, at the moment only one for age verification.

  8. How safe is the information we collect?
    While we do as much as possible we understand that there is not a safe system inside the World Wide Web, however, we do our best by adding Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software to encrypt data transfer and encrypting the information stored in the databases.

  9. How about third-party websites linked to
    Third party websites are not obligated to comply with our privacy policy. We neither own nor control third-party websites.

  10. How do you update the information stored in our website?
    You will be able to update your information inside your profile section once you log in.

  11. What about Credit Card information when submitting payments?
    We process online payments through Payment Cloud*. We DO NOT store any sensitive information regarding online transactions.

  12. What if you have more questions?
    Please contact us at the Contact link.

(*) Payment Cloud is a trademark of PaymentCloud, Inc.

Thank you for your cooperation! Team

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