Welcome to face-match.net! A new way to erotic. First of all we would like to present a quick overview of what face-match.net (referred as “Website”) is and then the rules & regulations that, in some way, make an agreement between you and us. For details please refer to our FAQ section.

face-match.net was created to prove our hypothesis about lips vs labia [see the About section to learn more about this]. face-match.net is an explicit adult content Website and is not intended for minors [only adults who are at least 18 years-old or older]. We consider ourselves as an erotic site where we will talk mainly about the female anatomy and body language topics useful for daily life. We will show nudity [pictures and videos] but not hardcore sex.

Contrary to what people are used to with pornographic or “erotic” sites, face-match.net DOES NOT contain annoying pop-ups, cookies, connections to social media or pornographic sites, and the most important, we DO NOT have memberships.

Our philosophy of natural beauty, pure erotic visual experience, non-violence, non-child pornography, and non-hardcore sex makes us different.

You are free to use face-match.net for playing [solo or challenging other users], post into the public wall, comment into oir hot blog [hot topics here], submit pictures, vote for a picture of the day/month/year, guess who's who, look at the galleries, and more. Please refer to our FAQ section for more detail.

face-match.net is also creating original content where, even though, most of it will be free, you will be able to buy rupees for real money. Please refer to our FAQ section and see what rupees are and what role they play within this Website.

The disclaimers shown in this Website [privacy, rules, regulations, copyright, legal, and trademark] apply to the extent permitted by applicable law but no more.


These rules apply to any kind of user, whether you are just a “visitor” or a registered user. By entering the site you are agreeing with the following GENERAL rules:

  • By using face-match.net, you are agreeing to these terms, rules, regulations, legal disclaimer, copyrights, and privacy disclaimers.
  • The original images that you download into your computer or mobile device DO NOT belong to you.
  • By using face-match.net does not give you ownership of any intellectual property rights in the content you access in the Galleries link. You may not use content from face-match.net unless you obtain permission from Pickii Group, LLC. These terms do not grant you the right to use any branding or logos used in our face-match.net. Don’t remove, obscure, or alter any legal notices displayed in or along with our Rules, Regulations, Legal, Privacy, or Copyrights.
  • If you publish any original image created by face-match.net in any website, social network, image blog (like 4chang.org), advertisement, magazine, or printed media you MUST mention it belongs to face-match.net or Pickii Group LLC.
  • You ARE aware that face-match.net contains explicit adult content and that you ARE using this Website under your sole risk and you alone WILL BE responsible for any loss or damage that you may suffer from any content within this Website.
  • You ARE at least 18 years-old.
  • You OWN any material posted by YOU.
  • You ARE familiar with all local laws in your area that pertain to the right to view adult-oriented material – [see Legal disclaimer].
  • You WILL keep your username/password secure.
  • You WILL own all content that you publish.
  • We WILL NOT tolerate any kind of discrimination related to race, color, sex, sexual orientation or any other categories protected by law.
  • We ARE NOT responsible for what you post or say while using this Website.
  • You WILL NOT harass anyone or invade another person's privacy.
  • You WILL NOT submit or post anything that violates the United States law – [see Legal disclaimer].
  • You WILL NOT request for personal information to anyone who submitted pictures, posts or comments.
  • You WILL NOT use this Website in any way that exposes us to criminal or civil liability.
  • You WILL NOT use this Website to promote terrorist attacks, cruelty to animals or any other prohibited act against other people or animals.
  • You WILL NOT use another user's account.
  • You WILL NOT modify, disable or block any portion, security or functionality of this Website.
  • You WILL NOT forge or manipulate this Website for “phishing”, “bombing”, flaming”, flooding”, “spamming”, “trolling” or “griefing” practices.
  • You WILL NOT submit or link any harmful component or virus.
  • You WILL NOT reverse engineer any part of this Website.
  • You WILL NOT advertise anything as it is not allowed anywhere in this Website.
  • You WILL NOT held liable to this Website for any interruptions to the service. As we try to keep this Website up and running we present its content “as is” with “all faults”.
  • Images of questionable age WILL BE deleted.
  • face-match.net & Pickii Group, LLC abide by FOSTA & SESTA acts approved by the US Congress on April 18, 2018.

Also, we have more SPECIFIC RULES:

  • At the moment, all submitted pictures MUST portray women ONLY.
  • If you know any information [name, links, etc] about the picture please state it when submitting.
  • NO hardcore allowed.
  • ALL submitted pictures MUST NOT contain any male* anatomy.
  • We encourage to submit HIGH quality pictures [preferred using a digital camera], particularly those that you choose to be added for the game [see the About section for details].
  • Fake pictures WILL BE deleted.
  • WE REPEAT: images of questionable age WILL BE deleted.

(*) Male images will be incorporated in a near future. Thanks for your patience.


We will do our best to enforce our rules, legal disclaimers, privacy, and copyright policies:

  • We WILL monitor IP addresses.
  • We reserve the right of denying access to face-match.net to a registered user or a whole IP address - [see our privacy policy].
  • We WILL monitor content published by users.
  • We reserve the right of removing content [posts, comments or pictures] for any reason whatsoever.
  • We will update our rules & regulations to make sure that we are covering all important topics.
  • If you have any questions please refer to our FAQ section for more detail or email us at the Contact link

In case you forgot already, NO CHILD PORNOGRAPHY!

We hope that you enjoy face-match.net.

face-match.net Team

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