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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is face-match.net?

    face-match.net was created to prove our hypothesis about lips vs labia [see the About section to learn more about this]. face-match.net is an explicit adult content website and is not intended for minors [only adults who are at least 18 years-old or older]. We consider ourselves as an erotic site where we will talk mainly about the female anatomy and hot topics. We will show nudity [pictures and videos] but not hardcore sex.

    Contrary to what people are used to with pornographic or erotic sites, face-match.net DOES NOT contain annoying pop-ups, cookies, connections to social media or pornographic sites, and the most important, we DO NOT have memberships.

  2. What is this research you guys are talking about?

    Basically we want to prove [or not] that a woman's facial lips resembles to their genital lips. In order to do that, we have decided to make people participate here. Please read the About section for more detail about this.

    Hypothesis: Do facial lips self-mimic outer genital lips?

  3. How can I participate in this research?

    face-match.net has been designed to let people participate in different ways:

    • Public Wall: this is an image board. Publish any image you want.
    • Hot Blog: comment anything on our posts.
    • Who's Who: guess who has what labia.
    • Galleries: we will be publishing images submitted to this Website. Once we create original content, it will be published here.
    • Picture of the Day/Month/Year: vote for a picture of the day/month/year.
    • Submit any picture: we will consider these pictures for the game, who's who or picture of the day.
  4. So, is the site dedicated to woman's anatomy only?

    No. Woman's anatomy is the reason for face-match.net however, we will incorporate the section for man's anatomy eventhough it has not been found [yet] a relationship between a penis size and some part of the human body. Please read the About section for more detail.

  5. Is face-match.net free of charge?

    Yes, face-match.net is free of charge, however, rupees are not. Please refer to our Play section to learn about rupees an their role within face-match.net.

  6. You just said face-match.net is free of charge, what are rupees then?

    We have designated rupees as our currency; you'll be able to buy rupees for real money or earn rupees by playing on line. The more you win, the more rupees and experience points you'll make. Please refer to our Play section to learn more about rupees.

  7. What do I need to know before entering the site?

    What you need to know is that face-match.net contains explicit adult material. Also, images donated to the site are also explicit adult material. Last but not least, we will not tolerate any kind of child pornography. Please read our Rules and Regulations.

  8. Can I register a user?


  9. What is the purpose of registering a user then?

    We want to build a community. We will not charge for using the blogs or the on-line-game but having a user name will allow you to add friends, challenge anyone, chat or share media with your friends, keep track of your game level and rupees, buy rupees, and much more.

  10. Why reCAPTCHAs?

    Because of one simple reason: we are trying to reduce as much as possible automated inputs into the site and this is the method we have chosen to distinguish between humans from computers.

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  1. What is this game about?

    As we've said before, the game was created to support our research. It's simple and free. Just match up a face and labia and earn rupees and experience points. 

  2. What are rupees?

    A rupee is the currency we have chosen to use within the site. The more games you win, the more rupees you earn.

  3. Do Rupees have anything to do with India?

    As we are aware that India has their currency called Rupees as well, our Rupees DO NOT have anything to do with the India currency.

  4. What if I want more rupees?

    We understand someone could be eager to get more rupees on its own and therefore you will be able to buy rupees for real money. You DO NOT need to buy any rupee at all if you don’t want in order to keep using face-match.net.

  5. Can I redeem my rupees for money?


  6. What do rupees work for?

    Rupees will let you unlock only original content created by face-match.net. Even though most of our original content WILL be free, we need to cover some expenses.

  7. What are experience points?

    Experience points [XP] is just a metric that we established in order to measure the success of our users, so, a high rank XP will not be able to challenge a low rank XP.

  8. How does the game work?

    Simple, just click on the link Play and choose Female or Male.Then:

    - You'll start with a first set with 4 images of labias [or penises] and 1 face.

    - In 5 seconds choose a labia [or penis] where you think matches a given face.

    - You'll earn experience points for every correct answer.

    Also you will be able to challenge your friends.

    The more experience points you get you'll be able to unlock galleries.

    Note: the game is set to Level 1.

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  1. What is this about?

    Pictures are the basis for face-match.net. We will be selecting images from the Internet or from our contributors and add them into the game. Given the nature of the game we need high-resolution images.

  2. Can I donate a picture?

    Yes. face-match.net is encouraging females from all over the world to donate a picture so we can compare similarities.

    As of October 2016 we are only accepting female images only.

  3. What kind of images can I donate?

    All images MUST COMPLY with our Rules and Regulations or they WILL BE deleted. Women only:

    • You must be over 18 years old.
    • Images of questionable age WILL BE deleted.
    • At least 3.0 mega pixles or above. Please take them with a digital camera or set-up your cell phone with the best resolution possible.
    • Naked or non-naked.
    • NO male-anatomy at the moment please.
    • NO hardcore.
  4. Once donating a picture, what's next?
    • Images will be automatically used for the game if quality allows it.
    • Images will be used for Who’s Who as we only publish a face snapshot on this section.
    • If you choose YES to Picture of the Day, it will be added into the picture galleries.
  5. Can I vote for a picture?


  6. How many times can I vote for a picture?

    Just once.

  7. How is a picture selected for Picture of the Day?

    Once a Picture complies with our Rules & Regulations it will be selected for the next available date. First come, first serve.

  8. Will we remove copyrighted pictures?


  9. What is Who's Who?

    Here you will be able to guess what kind of labia belongs to the shown image. We chose random women pictures and the system will keep track of people's choices by assigning a %. Not a big deal, just having fun seeing what people think.

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fm:/Rules & Regulations
  1. What is this?

    Our rules and regulations apply to any kind of user, whether you are just a “visitor” or a registered user. By entering the site you are agreeing with our GENERAL and SPECIFIC rules as well as for our legal, copyright, trademark, and privacy disclaimers.

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fm:/About the site
  1. How do I contact the manager?

    Please go to the Contact link.

  2. Where are you located?

    We are located in Chicago.

  3. Why kind of software does face-match.net use?

    face-match.net is a propietary ad-hoc software.

  4. Can I donate money to the site?


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